Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

Don’t assume that your business is too small to be targeted… cybercriminals know that they can be more successful targeting many small businesses than they can targeting one large one.

The Dark Web is No Place For Your Company’s Sensitive Data

The Dark Web is the dark side of the internet where hackers and other bad actors operate. Company credentials, people’s personal information, and financial information is available for sale in the dark web. Do you know whether or not your information is for sale? You might be surprised as to what is out there. We not only scan the dark web for compromised credentials, but we also provide ongoing monitoring as a part of our service to businesses in the Southeast.

Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring for Alabama Businesses

When you sign up with our Dark Web monitoring services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • Included – Dark Web monitoring is part of our monthly services when you sign up for our Managed IT Services.
  • Monitoring & Remediation – You might already have credit monitoring, but if something triggers that monitor, what do you do? When we are alerted to a compromise on the Dark Web, we work with you to remediate the issue.

Avoid repeating and re-explaining your issues to multiple people. Get access to an agile team that understands your business and is always ready to assist. Our team help you get results the first time while avoiding confusion through account handoff.

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