Our Clients

Our Clients

From Leadership to Frontline Tech, the fast and effective response means I’d never make a change!

"I have used Aligned Tek for my network management solutions for many years, and I have never considered making a change. They have a proven track record of support, responsiveness, and care for every client regardless of the size of the practice or office. Someone is available to answer questions and find solutions quickly when I need them. Every technician is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled, and pleasant to work with. The entire team at Aligned Tek - from the company leadership to the frontline technician - is committed to the company's mission and that is demonstrated in how they respond to and work with their clients. They hire the best, and their employees seem to genuinely enjoy their work and helping their clients."
Dr. Douglas Beckham
Dr. Douglas Beckham
Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry, ICD, ACD
Never disappointed, technical knowledge is unsurpassed

"The Aligned Tek support pays for itself in preventing downtime. They resolve issues fast and effectively. Not only is the level of service remarkable, but the technical knowledge of the team is also unsurpassed! I’ve never been disappointed, and I would highly recommend them to other practices."
Dr. Mike Robinson
Dr. Mike Robinson
DMD, MAGD at Michael Robinson, DMD, PC
Not a faceless, nameless customer at Aligned Tek

"As a practice manager for a very busy office, I can attest that the single biggest benefit to having Aligned Tek as our managed service provider is peace of mind. I know that whatever goes wrong, I can pick up the phone, and the person at Aligned Tek will take care of the issue OR find someone who can. I can depend on them to see a problem to the end until there is a resolution. Before using Aligned Tek, any time I called my IT company they would nickel and dime every single issue. Whatever problem arose, it was an additional cost. So, I never called them, and yet they dutifully collected the monthly fees without doing anything for our office. Aligned Tek wants to be our partner. They care about our office computers running smoothly so that we can do our job. I don't feel like a faceless and nameless customer at Aligned Tek and that's important to me. I know many of the techs on a first-name basis and none of them ever make me feel like a burden when I call. I love the exceptional service and the hard work of every one of the techs that work on our cases."
Sunny Chung, Practice Manager
Sunny Chung
Practice Manager at Inverness Smiles
Dedicated support and highly knowledgeable technicians

"I’ve spent a lot of money over the years trying to resolve internet and phone problems without getting any results. I felt like I’ve been throwing more and more money at the problem and the only thing I get in return is more frustrated. Since moving to Aligned Tek, I’ve had a dedicated support specialist working steadily to fix our issues. The tech support team are great, even compared to some support we’ve received in the past from a well-known national telecommunications brand."
Trust is important, and we can trust Aligned Tek

"One of the biggest benefits I have experienced with Aligned Tek is being able to learn from the technicians as they are working through issues for us. They don’t mind letting me be involved with them, and as a result I’m learning certain things, so I can fix simple issues myself without having to call the support team for everything. Building trust with the team and the company is important, and we feel we can trust Aligned Tek. The staff is professional, and you can tell they take pride in their jobs."
Medical Asset Group
Tammi Thompson
Practice Manager, Medical Asset Group
Would never even think about using another technology company

"With Aligned Tek, I know I can pick up the phone and actually talk to someone when we have a problem. I have peace of mind knowing that our issues will be fixed so we can continue to run smoothly. Whenever we have had any technical problems, they’ve been handled quickly and professionally. On the rare occasion that a problem could not be remedied remotely, someone was onsite well within a reasonable amount of time. Our experience with Aligned Tek has been so positive, we never have even thought about using another technology company."
Alexandria Medical Clinic
Anne Herndon
Practice Administrator, Alexandria Medical Clinic

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