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IT Service & Support
Medical, Dental & Veterinary Technology Solutions

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Aligned Tek is dedicated to providing cost-effective computer services and support to medical, dental and veterinary practices that want to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line. Our customized IT services can help your practice compete in today’s evolving and global market at a fraction of the cost.

Aligned Tek delivers strategic computer support to healthcare practices that are looking for the most efficient way to achieve greater success.

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Medical, Dental and Veterinary Practice IT Services

Medical practices have IT issues that are unique and very specialized

As a Medical, Dental & Veterinary IT services provider, Aligned Tek understands how doctors and nurses operate within a practice and how technology problems can impact their effectiveness with staff and patients.

Our IT Service & Support Services

We Believe Your Practice Deserves Top-Notch IT Support

All of our IT Service and Support Services were developed to deliver the greatest value to our clients. Ever feel overwhelmed as you search for an IT company in the Southeast? There are many, so finding the right IT company for your practice can be a challenge. A lot of needs need to be met, and your practice deserves the best service possible!

Vascular Surgeons

Medical Practices

You need quick and reliable access to an IT company that specializes in your specific medical software which is important for keeping a practice running at its best. Our team will take time to listen to your needs. We will work diligently to develop authentic solutions that help you solve your current IT problems while scaling for your medical practice’s future growth.

IT Service and Support for Periodontists

Dental Practices

We work with many types of dental practices, and will work with you, too, to find the perfect fit for your technology needs while honoring your budget. Dentists need their practices to operate productively, efficiently, and streamlined while using the latest technology on the market without any and or very little technology interruptions. Let Aligned Tek collaborate with you and your staff today.

Veterinary IT Service and Support

Veterinary Practices

Veterinarians deal with assorted day-to day-headaches when it comes to technology. Our phenomenal and knowledgeable team are true experts in their specialty and can answer your questions and help field your success. We will take over the responsibility of maintaining your in-office computer systems and are able to utilize and maintain different types of veterinary software.

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Aligned Tek has deep roots supporting medical, dental and veterinary practices in the Southeast and now service the entire US. We offer full service Medical, Dental, Veterinary Practice IT Services and Solutions, including user assistance and network administration.

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