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Aligned Tek delivers strategic managed IT services to business and healthcare practices that are looking for the most efficient way to achieve greater success.

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We Believe Your Business Deserves Top-Notch Managed IT Support

Aligned Tek is dedicated to providing cost-effective computer services and support to business and healthcare practices that want to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line. Our customized Managed IT Services can help your business compete in today’s evolving and global market at a fraction of the cost.

Aligned Tek delivers strategic computer support to business and healthcare practices that are looking for the most efficient way to achieve greater success.

IT Consulting & Strategy

New technologies emerge so fast that your small or mid-sized business may have a hard time keeping up. At the same time, you know that without the right infrastructure and tools in place, you’re missing out on key productivity gains. With limited time and resources, do you ask your IT staff to maintain your current network technology, or work to ensure that your IT is ready to meet the future needs of your growing organization?

Cybersecurity Strategy

Protecting your network and data from intruders requires skill and vigilance. Companies in the Southeast turn to Aligned Tek Support for world-class managed cybersecurity consulting services, including compliance strategies customized for regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and the legal services field.

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Managed IT Services

Healthcare Practices Have IT Issues That Are Unique And Very Specialized
All of our IT Service and Support Services were developed to deliver the greatest value to our clients. Ever feel overwhelmed as you search for an IT company in the Southeast? There are many, so finding the right IT company can be a challenge. A lot of needs need to be met, and you deserve the best service possible!

Disaster Recovery Strategy

IT failure can do sudden, irreparable damage to your business. In just seconds, a weather event, electrical problem, virus, even an innocent mistake from an employee, can cripple your network and cost days of valuable productivity. We help all our customers develop a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery and business continuity so that when a serious problem does occur, you’ll be back up and operational before major harm is done.

Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computing can deliver a revolutionary level of speed and efficiency, but it can also confuse unprepared businesses with its complexity and create dangerous gaps in cybersecurity defenses. Can your business confidently integrate your cloud and on-premise applications? What networking, virtualization, and data management challenges will greater cloud adoption require? We’ll help you address those uncertainties and make the most of your cloud investment.

Is Your Company Ready for World-Class Services from a Trusted Managed IT Services Partner?

We love speaking with businesses in the Southeastern United States about their technology and helping them understand the value that comprehensive IT consulting and strategy can provide. For businesses that are interested in learning more about our world-class Managed IT Services, we encourage you to get in touch with us at 877-407-7888 or use the contact form above. We will be back in touch as soon as possible!

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