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HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider Nextiva

Nextiva VoIP Provider

Nextiva HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider

Nextiva is not only a VoIP provider, but also a communication platform. With it’s functionality your staff will be able to work from anywhere by using voice, video conferencing, text messaging, sales CRM, helpdesk and more. Nextiva connects teams and customers in one place, while saving time with automation. Nextiva regularly tops reviewer’s list as a cost-effective VoIP service provider, which is why Aligned Tek is a premier partner.

Nextiva VoIP keeping your business secure through compliance.

How Nextiva Helps Practices Grow

  • Conference Calling – connect your office to any phone line and hold meetings even with remote workers.
  • Screen Sharing – Collaborate in real-time with your staff and patients.
  • Instant Messaging – Chat online with team members for quicker response times.
  • Phone Presence – Know who is available, on a call or available to enable quicker communications.
  • Video Calling – Native video calls over the top of existing VoIP solution allows a more personal touch.
  • HD Phone Calls – Crystal clear audio quality allows you to be understood all times.
  • Unified Communications – Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) consolidates separate channels across the enterprise into a shared platform for voice, video, chat, and collaboration.
  • Advanced Features – Access information like call analytics, call logs, hold music, call queuing, auto attendants, call recording, call forwarding, caller ID, and more.

Nextiva - Integrated

One platform with business phone, video conferencing, chat, contact center and APIs for secure, reliable communications that keep your business ready, responsive and resilient.

Nextiva - Reliable

In addition to all these features Nextiva customers can expect a better customer experience. Nextiva phone systems boast a 99.999% uptime. On the rare occasion you do have down-time Nextiva has award-winning support, and our team will work with theirs to get any issues you have resolved quickly.

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Nextiva HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider

Nextiva puts all patient data in one place, allowing account history, notes and contact data all from one screen. Nextiva’s customer service CRM features are simple and easy to use. Import or export your contacts. Integrate with Nextiva VoIP and Sales CRM. This lets your practice boost employee productivity. Aligned Tek can help get you started, schedule a VoIP consultation with our team and learn how to get started today.

You might think that HIPAA is merely a set of patient privacy regulations, that doesn’t affect many companies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The definition and scope of HIPAA compliance has been broadened — a lot.

Examples of companies that must comply with HIPAA include health insurance providers, personnel departments of companies with health coverage, and healthcare-related businesses. In addition, any of the subcontractors or partners of businesses that significantly touch protected health information are also regulated under HIPAA, expanding the number of covered businesses to hundreds of thousands, if not millions!

Is Nextiva VoIP HIPAA Compliant?

Make no mistake: Under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH Act) enacted in 2009, if you’re a company handling protected health information and therefore subject to HIPAA, your business associates are directly responsible for compliance too. That’s why VoIP providers need to be the documented business associates of any HIPAA covered entity, such as a hospital, dentist office, elder care facility, insurance company or doctor’s office.

It’s a dangerous oversimplification to assume that “telecommunications are not subject to HIPAA.” HIPAA isn’t just a compliance directive or a best practice; it’s a law, with real teeth and serious consequences for violations.

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