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HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider Weave

Weave HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider

Weave HIPAA Compliant VoIP Provider

Weave HIPAA Compliant VoIP is transforming the future of business communications. By integrating voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform, people are more connected and productive no matter where they are in the world.

Weave VoIP keeping your business secure through compliance.

Aligned Tek has partnered with Weave

Production is critical to the health of dental and medical practices. Do you know how much of your patient base is currently scheduled? World-class practices have schedule rates above 80%. If you have a schedule rate lower than that, do not despair, our team can help by getting you the tools you need. That is one of the reasons that Aligned Tek has partnered with Weave. Weave has many tools and research that can help your practice grow. We partner with Weave to evaluate your practice and provide benchmarks to ensure you stay on target. Here are some examples on how Weave can make a difference.

Ready-To-Call list of patients

Are you taking full advantage of your patient list? Phone calls are more expensive and time consuming than text messages. Weave provides the ability to send text alerts to your patients, enabling you to send reminders or billing information to them faster. Weave can help you segment your audiences, allowing for texts, emails, and calls to go to the proper targeted channels. Text to pat options allow for billing to take less time, thus making payment collection easier.

Analyze your practice

Being proactive and tracking your practice’s, appointments, and cancellations allows you know where to focus your time and energy. Find the time where your practice is getting its highest call volume, so you can be staffed appropriately. Track the best ways to connect with patients to get them rescheduled. Weave will automatically generate these analytics for your practice, allowing you to adjust your staffing and outreach appropriately. Learn what your competitive advantage is- 70% of Weave practices say contactless payments are their biggest asset, however yours could be your hours, services, or customer service.

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Using what works

As a doctor a patient first approach comes naturally. However, is this carried through a customer’s journey from your marketing to your billing process? With Weave, customers get two times the amount of touch points. You know your patients and how to reach out and with tools like contact-less payments or text-to-pay it has never been simpler.

Save time

Time is valuable. Average practices miss about 34% of their incoming calls, leaving money one the table. Offices using Weave haves seen over $250 a day from new appointments solely from Weave’s missed call text feature. This allows your office to connect with potential patients no matter how busy your office gets. This feature also allows calls to be forwarded to a team member’s smartphone allowing you to stay productive, even while your team is on the move.

With all this capability Weave brings to practices, it is no surprise that they are one of our premiere partners. Aligned Tek is here to empower your practice through VoIP and telephony solutions (in addition to our web and IT support services). We can integrate Weave into your practice’s current practice management software. By providing your practice with unbiased comparison from all our top-tier dental and medical telecom providers, we will ensure you have got access to the best-suited and most competitive HIPAA compliant phone systems, VoIP, telephony, and cloud solutions.

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